RR Leonard Reinforcing Steel

Since 1967, The R. R. Leonard Company has provided exceptional quality reinforcing steel throughout the Southern California area. We are a family owned and operated business that prides itself with phenomenal customer service. We furnish and install reinforcing steel as per our customer's specifications; as well as wire mesh for concrete. Our rebar is installed with union ironworkers, who are members of Local 416. We also have the convenience of an in-house detail team..

We have a variety of reinforcing steel and rebar accessories that we stock in our yard. We stock 60 grade and A706 (weldable) rebar in #3-#18. We also stock epoxy bar in twenty foot lengths in #3-#6. However, if you require a different size epoxy bar, we can get it for you. In addition, we have an in-house spiral machine to make spirals to your specifications. We also furnish and assemble caissons and piles. We stock a variety of accessories, such as block and tie wire. Items that we do not carry in stock but we can get for you are: couplers, threaded rebar and form savers.


10910 Shoemaker Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA

Fax 562-941-2028